Snowpocalypse Cookin’ with Shaw

While cruising social media, I posted a picture of a breakfast I cooked today and suggested others do the same! We got a ton of responses and that prompted this piece, so after you take a look at these beauties, show us what you’re cooking today in the comment section below! Stay warm… and keep cookin’!


Bananas Foster by your’s truly. (Chris Shaw)
Library Jane’s Butternut Squash Ginger Soup
Turkey Soup by Chef Lorna
Home town Carlo’s Stuffoli, “It’s an Italian dessert, essentially little fried dough balls with lemon and orange zest, anise is optional but I do like using it, coated in a blend of honey and lemon juice with rainbow sprinkles”
Super baker MML’s Macaroons and oatmeal stout gingerbread with bourbon whipped cream
Marvelous Mary Beth’s Banana Bread
Mandolin Mike’s Lentil Soup, to quote Mike, “Gotta have a little cheese on it!”
Overachiever “Deb” with Macaroni and cheese, white bean chicken chili and chocolate chip cookies.
Kayak Mike’s Chili
Songbird Lisa’s Spicy chili with just a hint of five spice powder. Yum!
Beach Road Boppin’ Molly’s Vegetable Hamburg Soup 

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