Get Visual: Embody at Mandeville Gallery

There’s always a mystery to strong group shows – does the curator start with a theme and then find artists that fit it, or does she start with some art she likes, and then discover the theme as it emerges? At shows like this, I find myself asking, what do these artists have in common, and what brought them together? Is it taste? Meaning? Technique?

Firelei Baez – given the ground (the fact
that it amazes me does not mean I relinquish it)
acrylic and oil on canvas

In the case of Embody, an outstanding exhibition on view at Union College’s Mandeville Gallery through Jan. 19, curator Julie Lohnes has provided a number of intriguing threads to follow – and though I can’t claim to have unraveled them all, it’s great fun to try. She has also answered the origin question in a short essay at the front of a handsome catalog produced for the show (which the gallery provides free to visitors) – but where’s the fun in that?

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