LIVE: A Tribute to the Beatles: Abbey Road w/Scott Petito @ The Colony Woodstock 12/6/19

Continuing to pay tribute to many of the great jazz/rock/pop maestros of the past, Scott Petito bassist/producer/studio engineer is an engaged and enthusiastic music history buff. Starting with Steely Dan a few years back, the series has continued with the music of Joni Mitchell, Traffic, and a complete rendition of the Beatle’s White Album along with relatively obscure but influential Penguin Cafe Orchestra and Sun Ra. Scott and his fellow musicians decided to play the Beatles grand finale, Abbey Road in its entirety (“Let it Be” was recorded later but actually released later).

Abbey Road has been recently re-released in a 50th-anniversary edition with extra cuts other material and remixed by George Martin’s son Giles. The songs of the album were never played live by the Fab 4, but have been played by many tribute bands and are now part of the canon of the pop world.

So it is challenging to play this material fresh without it sounding canned or contrived. As with all his other projects, Scott enlisted the help of the various musicians in the Hudson Valley, who might not be on the tip of your tongue, but you probably have heard as backing musicians on other albums, movies or TV soundtracks or commercials.

And the material indeed sounded fresh yet familiar. From the opener “Come Together” to last number “The End” (with closing ditty on “Her Majesty”), all the feel of the music and what it meant was conveyed.

Starting with “Come Together,” Scott Petito’s bass along with Jeff Mercel’s drumming opened up within the pocketness that Ringo and Paul’s bass and drums that were really featured in this album.

Ringo’s little ditty written for children, “Octopus’s Garden,” was conveyed with all its innocence including Andy Stack and Joey Eppard creating the bubbling sound effects using their fingers and lips.

“Oh, Darling” was performed complete with Paul McCartney’s patented scream as interpreted by Mr. Eppard.

The Fab Four’s vocal harmonies were performed admirably by Leslie Ritter, Andy Stack and Joey Eppard with a little help with the rest of the band.

“Here comes the Sun” was sung with love and tenderness; as Joey explained, he especially requested to sing lead on this as he has performed this for many weddings.

The band performed the eight-song medley that is near the end of the album with the gusto and precision intended.

There was even an encore, “Let it Be,” the Beatles’ last single.

Personnel who performed included:

  • Scott Petito – bass, production
  • Joey Eppard – guitar, vocals
  • Leslie Ritter- vocals
  • Andy Stack – vocals, guitar
  • Adam Widoff – guitar, keyboards
  • Danny Blume – guitar. vocals
  • Tyler Wood – keyboard
  • Jeff Mercel – drums, keyboard
  • Gwen Snyder – keyboard

Opening was Blueberry, Gwen Snyder’s keyboard driven trio featuring, Kenny Siegal on bass and Duchess of bass with several guests sitting in, as is the Woodstock tradition.

For those of you who missed this, there will be an encore performance at the Falcon in Marlboro, NY on Saturday 12/14. Reserve your seats quickly, this show will likely sell out.

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