Eastbound Jesus to Celebrate New Album at Cohoes Music Hall Feb 1

Eastbound Jesus announced the release of their new studio album, Full Moon Over Salem, due out on February 1st. The release will be celebrated at The Cohoes Music Hall the same evening. Tickets for the show are on sale now.

Carl Anderson (drummer/vocals) said of the release “Full Moon Over Salem will be our first album in close to five years. We spent four years writing and performing these tracks before spending the last year recording it. After releasing four albums in five years it was important for us to take our time with this one and continue to push ourselves musically. It’s always been a goal to elevate our songwriting while remaining true to our signature Eastbound Jesus sound. Over the past year we have picked away at the songs, playing around with pedals and amps to find new tones, and trying different recording styles to elevate the compositions. We gave ourselves the time to bring in a number of guest musicians, and to really work through each track sometimes changing and re-recording our parts to get them where we wanted them. Now it’s time to put the album out there and hopefully everyone will appreciate all the work that has gone into it.”

Eastbound Jesus
Eastbound Jesus

Eastbound Jesus formed in 2010 in Greenwich, NY. The band is comprised of six friends: Adam Brockway (vocals, guitar), Carl Anderson (drums, vocals), Luke Anderson (banjo, vocals), Dylan Robinson (electric guitar), Dave Wright (bass) and Zack Infante (lap steel and electric guitar). Their music draws from a diverse range of influences, from bluegrass to country to rock and roll and beyond. They have developed a style that is distinctly their own, one they have dubbed “Northern Rock.” Featuring shredding banjo and guitars, a thumping rhythm section and sweet sounding vocal harmonies, it’s a sound that expresses what life is like in a small town, through all of its changing seasons.

The band has previously released four studio albums and one live album, the most recent release being 2015’sHollerin’. They’ve performed on some of the biggest stages in the region from The Palace Theatre to headlining Alive at Five. In partnership with Greg Bell of Guthrie/Bell Productions, they have also produced the Eastbound Throwdown, an annual two day music and camping festival on Irwin Farm in Salem, NY each September for the last several years.

Tickets are on sale here.

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