Woodstock’s Colony Hosts Nostalgia Personified: Pete & Pete 12/13/2019

Grown up child television stars Michael Maronna and Danny Tamberelli visited the Colony on December 13 for their live show Nostalgia Personified. The actors bravely confront their past performances, laughing at themselves and each other while watching videos of their childhood acting on Nickelodeon’s “Pete & Pete.” Mike and Danny greeted guests for a meet and greet before taking the stage for a look back at the 90s through their experiences as child stars.

Mike and Danny exposed all the silliness from the show, which featured the actors as TV brothers when they were in their early to late teens. The men, who have clearly stayed friends, also host a podcast titled “The Adventures of Danny and Mike.” They also highlighted a few other commercials and movie jobs they completed in this Holiday Edition of their comedy routine.

There is also a version of Nostalgia Personified that features Nick’s popular show “All That.”

From Nickelodeon’s Show “The Adventures of Pete and Pete”

The audience was filled with fans in their late 20s and early 30s who clearly adored the original television show. Without having first hand knowledge of “The Adventures of Pete & Pete,” one might miss some of the humor presented as the actors showed clips from their childhood programming, both reminiscing and goofing about the other actors, clothing choices, and even their own hair. Mike and Danny were not above laughing at their own foolish and younger selves, though, making some of their jokes easy to follow even for those who never watched the comedy show from the 90s.

Colony, Woodstock

The Colony was beautifully decorated with Edison lights hanging from the balcony to just above the stage, drawing the audience’s eye to the detailed wooden handrail and minimalistic fans. Warm, inviting, and vibrating with energy, The Colony has been hosting music events, and is now adding comedy to their menu along side food.

Upcoming shows include a number of folk and bluegrass bands, as well as young artists who are emerging on the scene. Michaela Anne (December 17th), Sylvia Bullet (December 19th), and Professor Louie (December 28th) are all notable concerts to attend. The venue also will host a live production of “A Christmas Carol” on December 21st.

Woodstock’s small shops, unique eateries, and quaint bed and breakfasts might have been enough to lure Nippertown fans from Albany before, but with the addition the Colony as a venue hosting music and comedy, capital region adventurers surely won’t want to miss this gem in the Catskills.

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