The Colony Presents Patti Rothberg with CD Release Show January 5th

Patti Rothberg is touring to support her CD release Behind Bars. She will be at The Colony on January 5th to perform songs from the new release.

Behind Bars is a pop metal fantasy written about the ambivalence of
life as a bartender to support one’s music which harkens back to a
long gone New York rock scene which exists today only in the minds and
hears of musicians who are still supporting themselves behind the bar.

What makes Behind Bars so uniquely cool is the 20 year time span over
which it was recorded. It shows how the artist and her writing has
changed over the years, along with the production values that go along
with “cutting edge” technology and trends which also affect and change
the music, even though this was specifically intended to tribute a
relatively SMALL window of time when metal NYC ruled the clubs.

Patti Rothberg on David Letterman, 1996

Patti Rothberg’s recording career goes back to 1996, with her debut on
EMI Records, ‘Between the 1 and the 9’, which refers to the time she
spent performing in New York City’s 14th Street subway station. The
title track relates some of her experiences, when EMI executive
discovered Patti performing there. Seemingly overnight, Patti Rothberg
achieved the kind of worldwide success one could only dream of.
Critically acclaimed, Between the 1 and the 9 was an instant hit, and
remains a timeless classic. The success of Between the 1 and the 9 had
Patti touring quite non-stop from 1996 through 1997, and into 1998.

She toured the USA supporting the Wallflowers, Chris Isaak, Midnight
Oil, and Garbage, and she toured Europe supporting the Black Crowes.
Patti and her band performed on Late Night with David Letterman, The
Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and she appeared on the Oprah Winfrey

While Patti promoted the record on the road, the song “Inside” reached
#25 on Billboard in America, while in Europe, the song “Treat Me Like
Dirt” went all the way to #1. A cover of “Kung Fu Fighting” was
featured in the 1997 release of Beverly Hills Ninja, and her song
“Forgive Me” was featured in the 1998 film The Misadventures of

Taking some time from the road, Patti followed her success with the
release of Candelabra Cadabra (Cropduster 2002) and Double Standards
(Megaforce 2008). This was an intense writing period for Patti, and
she found herself working with vocalist Andre Blacksugar, contributing
songs and vocals to his Black Sugar Transmission record titled Use It,
released in 2009.

Overnight Sensation is the title of Patti’s 2011 release, reuniting
her for the first time with Between the 1 and the 9 producer, Dave
Greenberg, the product of their reunion yielding a pop powerhouse. It
was Rothberg’s beautifully emotive voice, and brilliant songwriting,
coupled with Greenberg’s melodic pop sensibility and production, that
were the backbone of this magical recording, reminiscent of the
undeniably infectious melodies and intelligent lyrics that first put
Patti on the charts in 1996.

Rothberg’s 2013 release, her fifth studio album, ‘Black Widow’,
explores moody and melodic , piano based acoustic pop, and signature
guitar rock, marking a first time collaboration with producer, Lyle
Puente, generating this unique, seamless brand of music.

From the basement studio called “Off White Trash” Records, comes Patti
Rothberg’s January 2016 release, ‘Ulterior Motives’, her 6th full
length album. Patti mixes styles and metaphor, fast paced rock and
pathos to bring both guitar driven hard rock and melodic piano.
Accompanied solely by preceeding album’s producer engineer and drum
programmer Lyle Puente, Patti plays every instrument, whatever it
called for, bringing us another melodic, lyrical listen, exploring
vintage sounds such as a nod to indie band “Ratcat” on the song
“Brainwash”, and the stripped down “Harlemonica”, which is a tribute
to her life’s path. Ulterior Motives shows us a honed songwriting
craft, from the very raw to the epic “Hollywood Ending”.

The blindness and willingness to enter a relationship is recorded in
song, truly ephemeral and fleeting in nature and ironically in doing
so, cemented forever in the form of Patti Rothberg’s 7th album,
‘EPHEMERAL’, her 12/7/17 release. The music spans from rock gems
“Floor Model” to heartbreaking ballads “where were you” takes you from
electric guitars to flutes in no time flat.

The venue also boasts a wonderful selection of craft beers and drinks, as well as American food. Advance ticket purchase is encouraged.

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