Too Many Zooz Bringing Brasshouse to The Hollow January 28th

The band Too Many Zooz is blasting through Albany with a stop at The Hollow Bar + Kitchen on January 28th.

Over the past year the band has continued to produce incredible music. First, the band was able to enlist UK star Jess Glynne to top line vocals on their global hit “Warriors” for the new version “So Real (Warriors),” which The Fader picked as one of pop’s best new songs. The band then trucked over to Philadelphia, where sax man Leo P. lives, to cut the conceptual, improvisational song and video for what became known as “Car Alarm,” in which they use the alarm of a burgled car on a rooftop carpark as a metronome for the track.

There is also the ongoing controversy of Leo’s signature dance moves being stolen by the scoundrels behind the international video game smash Fortnite (which he’s now suing them over). Plus, members of the band continue to be courted by superstars for collaborations, most famously when Beyoncé came calling, and more recently when Harry Styles added trumpeter Matt Doe to his band for his November 16th performance on Saturday Night Live.

The curious thing about being a fan of Brasshouse? You’re pretty much talking about being into one solitary but extremely unforgettable band: the amusingly monikered Too Many Zooz.

The musical style was “branded” by drummer King of Sludge, who recognized that there was no worthy existing classification for the New York trio, whose other two members are the equally unclassifiable Leo P. (saxophone) and Matt Doe (trumpet).

“Brasshouse is a high energy musical conversation,” Matt insists. “Though I honestly don’t think there is a good way to describe it in words. It’s about many different feelings and sounds and emotions.”

Or as KOS so decisively puts it, “I don’t really care about what’s happening in music – I just make art that I enjoy making.”

It’s exactly this indifference to convention and trend that has garnered Too Many Zooz a fanbase that KOS describes as “wide-ranging and fanatical.” One of those fans? In 2016, Beyonce asked them to perform with her at the Billboard Music Awards…and it’s quite possible they got just as much attention as did she.

After two years, a gazillion live performances and four EPs, their debut album Subway Gawdz (an unsubtle reference to their birth in the underground stations of NYC), was released to enthusiastic acclaim in 2016. Its sound was truly like nothing else, with inescapable grooves that take in dub, soul, funk and ska, utterly exhilarating horn blasts that shoot right up your spine, and, of course, equal doses of fun and attitude.

And right now, TMZ are riding higher than ever, surely poised for the leap into genuinely widespread international recognition that was likely inevitable since they first set foot in an NYC subway station. Indeed, following a deal with Ministry of Sound, their single “Warriors” racked up major play on Radio One (if you think you haven’t heard it, when you hear it, you’ll quickly realize you already have), followed by high-profile remixes from the likes of Armand Van Helden and KDA.

Then, UK sensation Jess Glynne penned lyrics and added vocals to morph the song into “So Real (Warriors),” which has been generating massive buzz while climbing the European charts. In the meanwhile, a live video for “Car Alarm” has furtively racked up more than 500K views in one week.

But surely signaling their mainstream “arrival”? A Canadian KFC commercial featured the band and their songs – so don’t be surprised if listening to their music suddenly makes you hungry.

Though they’ve also been up to more serious matters. Leo, in fact, was asked to play at the BBC Proms Charles Mingus tribute at a sold-out Royal Albert Hall in August 2017 – certainly no small honor.

Yet for all this, the forward plan for Too Many Zooz, is, as ever, constant touring, and 2019 sees the band continuing their never-ending journey from coast to coast and to all corners of the planet. The reason is simple: it’s their outrageous, electrifying live performances that continue to fuel the growth of their worldwide legion of fans.

“I don’t think there’s any recording that can do a live performance justice,” reckons Matt. “You’ll see people of all different colors, creeds, genders, ages, sexuality at our shows. I really can’t find a constant between them…besides liking our music – haha.”

But for everything that’s happened in the last couple of years, the trio isn’t actually all that surprised by their success.

“I always knew we had something special,” Leo enthuses. “Thousands of people everyday loved our music…and I knew it would just continue to spread.”

Tickets are on sale now through the venue’s site here.

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