Jackie Venson & Rodney Hyder “Live at The Linda” January 29th

For those who don’t know and those that do, WAMC’s “Live at The Linda”, broadcasts on the radio and on the web, at 90.3 in the Capital District and beyond on many frequencies in several states and locations within New York State’s borders. 

That means past concerts recorded ‘Live” and broadcast every Wednesday night from 8 p.m. to 10 pm. in the splendor of the amazing “Linda,”  WAMC’s performance space for way over 10 years.

Considering who is behind supervising the overall broadcast and selection of performers: The Linda’s Managing Director, Carl Blackwood, an amazing sound engineer in his own right and his partner- you can’t find a better team or sound sculptor, an ‘artist’, in his own right, at the controls and a creative recording engineer with experience on-the-fly in Matt Plummer. That duo presents the best live recordings on your radio dial, bar none.

In the ‘olden days,’ you had Westwood One, B.B.C. Rock hour and other “live” formats that have gone by the wayside as fewer people listen to the radio. But if there is a Wednesday that you’re home and what to listen to both a great regional musical artist followed by a great national artist, well, “Live at The Linda” is the place to be every Wednesday night and sometimes on Sunday within the same time parameters. You won’t be disappointed!

On January 29th, 2020. the wonderful blues-inspired Jackie Venson with Rodney Hyder who both performed “live” last October 16, 2019, and Mike Doughty from March 30, 2018, who will be performing on “Live At The Linda” on WAMC 90.3 that Wednesday night.

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