Sandy McKnight’s “Kid 69” – A Delightful Ride Back in Time

Sandy McKnight‘s Kid 69 novel is ideal for anyone looking for a quick read that illuminates what life was like for those growing up around the time of the Woodstock Festival.

McKnight’s comfortable narrative shares his experiences as intimately as if you were hearing first hand from a friend about the challenges facing teens growing up in the 1960s. From telling about school challenges to sharing how McKnight was involved in subversive political action, readers will fall in love with his straight talking, humor loving voice.

Kid 69 is a straight forward, unforgiving look at a time in history that we tend to grow misty eyed and have nostalgia for, without recognizing that children were rebelling because the institutions were quite dismissive of their voices.

McKnight’s evaluation of learning about sex during an era of free love will make you laugh, and although he didn’t often see the value of women’s equality, also represents his female counterparts in both a fair and very authentic light.

If you are looking for a quick read that joins you with your writer, Kid 69 will fit that bill. It will also take you through a time in history as only someone who came of age during that time can.

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