A Few Minutes with… Bobby Carlton of Super Dark Collective

RALPH: I have really enjoyed your shows at Desperate Annie’s in Saratoga Springs, the vibe, the crowd, I feel like I am back in time. Seeing things again for the first time. Although, I’ve been there, let’s begin by telling us, what is Super Dark Collective?

BOBBY: Super Dark Collective is an organization that focuses on empowering artists of all genres to have the freedom to explore their vision of creativity in a way that has no boundaries or judgment. Our goal is to bring a range of artists that may not be considered the norm by the majority. We also don’t want to alienate people as well, so we do feel like we balance that with artists that are more accessible. We do our best to make sure that every artist is paid and gets food at our shows. We don’t have headliners, no egos. Bands find out their order night of the show. So band listings on flyers aren’t necessarily the order of bands.

RALPH: Where did you get your start?  

BOBBY: Super Dark Collective started with Shane Sanchez and Chris Brown. Then myself and Sarah Darby came on board. We all have different jobs with Super Dark. Shane handles about 95% of the booking and flyers, Chris takes care of video and merch, Sarah tackles creative and ‘zine, while I tend to be more in the background handling logistics such as partnerships, contracts… more of the administrative stuff. We started doing shows at One Caroline Street on Monday nights, which became pretty popular.

Unfortunately, One Caroline closed, which meant we needed a new venue. Thankfully Travis at Desperate Annies was willing to pick it up. At the time, we were doing Super Dark Thursdays in Troy at River Street Pub, but when they closed, we decided to move our Thursday shows to Desperate Annies. We have also expanded into Albany with a Friday series at Pint Sized on Lark Street, which is doing really well. We have some other things in the works as well… and we’re excited to share it once we’ve knocked out all of the details.

RALPH: Achievements? 

BOBBY: For us is that we’ve been able to keep up the momentum with our Super Dark Series. We’re getting great artists coming through and people are still supporting our shows.

RALPH: Thank you for taking the time and shedding light. How about your Super Dark goals? 

BOBBY: Our goals are simple..to just keep putting on shows, giving artists a place to perform, and giving people who come to our shows a safe and fun place to experience new music. This is why we don’t post set times on flyers..because we don’t want people coming out to see one single band. We want people to experience everything. All of our shows can be found here: https://superdarkcollective.com.


12-14 Caroline Street
Saratoga Springs New York 12866

Originally Published on 315music.com, used with permission.

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