Caroline Rose kicks off tour in Albany March 6th

Caroline Rose has announced her newest album, Superstar, due to land in stores March 6th ​via ​New West Records. The lead single, “Feel the Way I Want,” is out now, too, with a music video that Rose filmed on her iPhone on a trip from Hollywood, Florida to Hollywood, California. Check it out below.

Following her 2018 album Loner, Rose’s upcoming sophomore effort is a “bigger, badder, glitter-filled cinematic pop record,” according to a press release, which also detailed how Superstar was crafted in green rooms while out on tour.

Inspired by films like The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant, Mulholland Drive​, and ​Drop Dead Gorgeous, the new record follows its own storyline of the rise and fall of a young star. Though its source is fictional, it’s a tale that in some ways aligns with Rose’s own ambition.

“​To me, there’s both humor and horror in hubris and what it takes in order to be successful,” Rose said in a statement. “I wanted to make a story out of those parts of myself that I find largely undesirable and embarrassing, then inject them with steroids.”​

The lead single rides that same line. “Feel the Way I Want” is buoyant and sparkling, rooted by its humor and good nature. Per Rose, the song’s intent is to “have people, including myself, not know whether to love or hate this person. They’re kind of like a walking eye roll who’s easy to dismiss, but at the same time, you admire their determination. It’s the Kanye effect.”

Rose will celebrate the release of the album with the launching of a tour that kicks off right here in Albany on March 6th at The Hollow Bar + Grill

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