LIVE: Hayley in the Water: Rumours Tour stops at Frog Alley Brewing 2/7/2020

Frog Alley Brewing in Schenectady, a somewhat new music venue to the Capital Region hosting Hayley in the Water this past Friday. Hayley in the Water is a collaboration between musician Hayley Jane and Upstate NY jam band, Annie in the Water who have been touring to recreate the 1970’s classic Fleetwood Mac album, Rumours. The brewery is a wide open space that has the capacity for a few hundred people, elevated stage and impressive lighting set up, making for an excellent concert experience.

Hayley Jane started her solo set with sharing a personal moment, quickly detailing how just now she was overwhelmed with every emotion and had to happy cry in the band’s van. Her vulnerability is endearing and makes the show come alive. Armed with an acoustic guitar, Hayley begins with “Know Logic” a bouncy melody of confused yearning post breakup followed by “Ignite” a comforting tune about one’s inner light. She has awe-inspiring control of her voice, as she tenderly holds deep alto notes while belting out waves of emotions. Hayley dedicated the song, “For Someone Who Needs It” to anyone who’s struggling with life, reminding them that they don’t have to struggle alone and it’s always okay to ask for help. She’s a charming storyteller with heartfelt, relate-able lyrics that captivate listeners. Under the impression it was going to be a strictly solo set, it was a pleasant surprise to have Annie in the Water join her on stage for her last few songs. With the newly accompanied musicians, Hayley took the opportunity to physically express herself with grand arm-wave dancing.

There was a brief intermission before the musicians returned for the anticipated set of the night, a tribute to the popular Fleetwood Mac album, Rumors. The first notable observation was lead vocalist and guitarist, Brad Hester, who demonstrated a strong range, proper key and clear articulation for each song all night. The venue turned into a massive sing along as concert goers belted out the familiar lyrics from such classics like “Dreams” and “Don’t Stop”. Guitarist, Michael Lashomb dished out big rock n roll rifts as bassist Chris Meier could be seen with an energetic smile and steady strumming. Hayley Jane was an ideal Stevie Nicks given her stage presence and distinctive voice, performing an especially uplifting “Songbird”. As a whole, the album was beautifully executed with loose improvisation that made it fun and unique.

After another quick break, Annie in the Water returned for the final set of the night. Brock Kuca got the groove going with a thunderous bongo rhythm to kick off “Hey, I’m on My Way”. Keyboardist, Matt Richards, shined with organ like chords for a jazzy funk twist. Annie in the Water combines an array of blended genres with vocal harmonies from all directions that makes for an easy dance-able atmosphere. Hayley Jane occasionally joined on stage for playful back and forth vocals with the audience with a fun segue into 4 Non Blondes, “What’s Going On.” An interesting and amusing end to the night was the didgeridoo solo from Brad Hester.

Hayley Jane and Annie in the Water will be touring all over the Northeast together until their final show at Higher Ground in Burlington, VT on February 22nd. One of the many reasons to catch the one of these live shows in action is the chance to learn about GrooveSafe. This non profit organization is currently joining Hayley Jane and Annie in the Water on their Fleetwood Mac Rumours tour. Their mission is to stand against sexual assault at concerts, create safe dance spaces and bring awareness to the importance of consent. Stop by the merch table to learn how you can be an active bystander, tips on staying safe and learn about resources and how to support victims.

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