LIVE: The Wood Brothers @ the Palace Theatre, 2/9/2020

The Wood Brothers brought their distinctive roots Americana sound to the Palace Theatre on Saturday, February 9th, 2020. While their fans didn’t sell out the venue, they did manage to fill the Palace Theatre’s seats and aisles with dancing excitement as the trio played into the night.

Oliver Wood
Photo by Jim Gilbert

The band’s members are uniquely talented in each’s own right. Brothers Chris (upright bass, vocals, harmonica) and Oliver Wood (guitars, vocals) are joined by multi-instrumentalist Jano Rix, and it appears there really isn’t anything the trio can’t do. From gospel sounding roots songs to Americana country, the Wood Brothers filled the Palace with nonstop music.

Oliver Wood’s voice has a magical quality, not unlike Tom Petty on some songs, only a bit grittier. From “Shoofly Pie” to “Little Bit Broken,” Wood’s voice had a twang reminiscent of earlier days of country music too. Hard to pin down, he can change his timbre to match the vibe of the music he’s playing.

Chris Wood
Photo by Jim Gilbert

And change the vibe they did. Bassist Chris Wood danced around his instrument (which stood about six inches taller than him on stage) as he plucked, strummed, and pounded his bass to procure one of the more unique sounds in the industry.

And lest you think the brothers are the primary talent on the stage, along comes multi-instrumentalist Jano Rix who both owned the drum set and stood up to play strings with the band.

Chris Wood, Kat Wright, Oliver Wood, Jano Rix
Photo by Jim Gilbert

Opener Kat Wright joined the band on stage for a magical quartet, a moment that was spellbinding as much as it was shake your bottom inspiring. Other notable moments in the night included the band sharing one microphone, requiring the highly energized audience to quiet themselves enough to enjoy the lush sound produced by the musicians.

Each a talent in his own right, the Wood Brothers together create a synergy that transcends genre and time.

Photo Gallery by Jim Gilbert

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