Chris’s Short Take: Wolff’s Biergarten Brunch Falls Short

Over the years I’ve seen hundreds of jersey-wearing families and rabid soccer fans descend on Wolff’s Biergarten for weekend brunch and the sharing of a soccer match with family and friends.  The first time my wife and I went to be part of that scene, she walked through the front door and every eye appeared to be on her as hundreds burst into wild cheering and applause.  She was elated… but on the television over her head, Manchester United had just scored.

the “Wurst Breakfast”

Back then Chef Jeff Ruff was serving up a Teutonic mix of brunch offerings that had his German roots shining through.  That was some damned good breakfast.  That’s why I was so surprised and disappointed in brunch there recently.  Chef Ruff is gone and has been gone for some time now, and it shows.

The emphasis on food has dwindled there. It is a bar, the beer menu alone sets the place near the top of the list locally if not regionally on that count, but the brunch has slipped severely. 

Above you see the “Wurst Breakfast”, offered at $13.00 as seen above.  Cold greasy sausages with burnt potato pancakes and… those eggs.  Enough said where that’s concerned.

I don’t like being the bearer of sad tidings anymore than anyone else, and it’s sad to see an old favorite fall short,  but it’s late in the game guys, we’re into added time, and you need to score.

Wolff’s Biergarten
895 Broadway
Albany, NY 12207
(518) 427-2461

  1. Matt Baumgartner says

    Well, this is certainly unfortunate to read, but understandable. We have had some kitchen issues as of late, and I have been putting more of an effort into the beer and events, and sadly this is what happens. I will make an effort to do better. My apologies.

  2. Chris Shaw says

    I will be back to try again at the beginning of the summer, Matt. Thank you for your response.

  3. J Hunter says

    It has to be said that Wolff’s is still the ultimate place to watch football (not to be confused with the NFL game, which should be correctly called “Hand Egg”) in Greater Nippertown. Beer selection has always been top notch, and it’s great to deal with a staff that’s not only friendly, but knowledgeable about the sport. That said, it was the food that put Wolff’s far above the other sports-related venues in the area, and that’s been a major issue for both “Original Wolff’s” and the Wolff’s in Troy. The latter institution is up against some serious brunch competition in Troy, and frankly, it’s losing. I’m hoping this article has been a suitable warning shot to management. Those of who know Wolff’s LOVE Wolff’s, and want it to get back to its former greatness.

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