LIVE: Alexis P. Suter birthday celebration @ the Falcon 2/8/2020

Brooklyn based Blues/Gospel singer extraordinaire Alexis P. Suter celebrated her “39th” birthday at the Falcon with a rousing set of blues, rock and roll, and gospel that left the full house in awe.

Backed by a rollicking band, the band played a mixture of original music and covers. Not strictly a blues band, the music drew from gospel, soul and rock and roll as well.

After the band warmed up, Alexis came on stage singing her gospel/R&B original “Be Love”. The Man/Woman relationship troubles were expressed by “Sick and Tired Blues”, “Empty Promises”, and “Lips, Tips, and Fingertips.” Romantic Love by Leon Russell’s was represented by “Song for You” and Marvin Gaye’s “Piece of Clay”.

The Band’s guitarist, Michael Louis, who heads up a blues band of his own (aptly titled Michael Louie Blues Band aka MLBB) was given space to display his own prowess and vocals by performing the old delta classic “Walking Blues” and Johnny Otis “Willie and the Hand Drive”.

Al Green’s “Take Me to the River” formally ended the show. No Alexis P. Suter’s performance is complete without her performance of “Let It Be”, a performance that never fails to move the audience.

The opening band was Extraordinary Friends, led by a young keyboardist, Basil T. Morgan featuring Alexis’ daughter Carrie P. Suter.

Happy birthday Alexis. Hope to see you again soon.

Alexis P. Suter – Vocals
Michael Louis – Lead/Slide Guitar
Dan Asher- Bass
Daniel A Weiss – Keyboards
Ray Grappone – Drums
Vicki Bell – Backing Vocals/Percussion

Set List
Band Opener, Be Love, I Don’t See You Anymore, Empty Promises, Sick and Tired Blues, “Lips, Tips, Fingertips”, Song for You, Walking Blues, So Hard, Little Back Rider, Dog Eat Dog World, Willy and the Hand Jive, I’m A Ram, Hit or Miss, Piece of Clay, Take Me to the River

Photo Gallery by Rudy Lu

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  1. Vicki Bell says

    Rudy and Nippertown!! Thank you so much for your beautiful words and photos!! We appreciate you coming to the show and hope to see you again soon!!

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