Dean Ford and the Beautiful Ones Had Putnam Place Partying Like it Was 1999

Dean Ford and the Beautiful Ones partied like it was 1999 in a tribute to Prince on Saturday, February 15th at Putnam Place. And they brought over 200 Prince fans along for the ride.

Taking the stage dressed just like Prince, Dean Ford strode out with the quiet confidence reminiscent of the beloved artist as he jumped directly into “America” and “She’s Always In My Hair.” Fans appreciated the shift immediately into “Let’s Go Crazy,” ushering in a series of songs that resulted in fans jumping, swooning for Ford, and singing along.

Ford plays the role of Prince beautifully, complete with costume, hair, makeup and even mannerisms similar to the artist who passed too early in his life. For most fans, Prince’s untimely and unexpected death in April 2016 robbed them of the opportunity to see their favorite artist perform live on stage.

Dean Ford and The Beautiful Ones offer a rare escape in time. When Ford asks, “What year is it?” before launching into “1999,” fans screamed back to him with a time warp answer.

Putnam Place graciously offered purple and blue lighting, and the stage was set for a perfectly retro night into the 1980s and 1990s. Playing two sets, Dean Ford and the Beautiful Ones finished the night with some of Prince’s most popular songs from his album Purple Rain, including the title track and “When Doves Cry.”

It takes tremendous confidence to stand on stage and assume the role of arguably one of the most creative and technically amazing rock stars in American history. Dean Ford and The Beautiful Ones deserve credit for that courage, and also thanks for helping so many celebrate and remember our favorite artist.

Photo Gallery by Jim Gilbert

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