Pi(e) Party!

On March 14th, Pi Day, the Spa Little Theater in the State Park is celebrating by hosting a Pi(e) Party! Starting at 7 pm and ending at 10 pm, it is an opportunity for dessert and entertainment indulgences.

For a $35 ticket, participants will be offered all the desserts you can eat in the Luscious Lemon Meringue Lobby, coffee/tea/bottled water (beer, wine and seltzer for an additional fee), and vote for the best pie in the pie bake off in the Triple Berry Balcony of sweets.

Entertainment will include singing, dance and monologues throughout the entire space.

For an extra fee (paid that night of $5 tickets or $20/5) you can enter a pie eating contest (3 rounds to try and win a prize!) or throw a pie at some of HMT’s staff and directors in the Going Down Grasshopper Pie Green Room.

RSVP online www.homemadetheater.org or call 518.587.4427 by March 11th to join this sugar filled evening.

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