LIVE: Bendt releases new album at Lost and Found, 2/29/20

The name of Albany’s Lost and Found took on more of a biblical reference the Leap Day once Michael Gregg took the corner stage as the night’s master of ceremonies before welcoming Bendt dressed as God Almighty.

The Winter Folk banjo player has a penchant for humor that can’t be dismissed for Steve Martin. Dressed in a white gown and a golden halo, he praised the alternative rock band for releasing its debut LP Brightness in the Barrens on vinyl and not cassette.

“What is that? We’re tired of cassette,” Gregg asked the crowd.


Bendt dressed the part for a special occasion as they took the stage in shirt, ties and jackets. The four proceeded to conduct the business of sharing the music pressed on the records lying on the merchandise table.

Bendt’s congenial demeanor towards the rest of the area’s music community was responded in kind with players from various local bands peppered throughout a pregnant dance floor, accompanied by a sound system provided by Denis Entertainment.

Brightness in the Barrens is a product of two years of Bendt writing and performing. The band opened with “Symptoms,” a familiar song for the band’s fans as it is often a favorite of theirs to start off a night’s performance. Many more of the tracks would sound familiar throughout the night, but this weekend allowed audiophiles the opportunity to possess a tangible medium, including a subsequent digital release, of their work.


The band intended to pay homage to a ‘90s alternative rock sound, not necessarily grunge, with a notable reference to Tool. Having an appreciation for the music of that area, the night was reminiscent of some of my favorites from Candlebox. The intent to honor that time period was on point. Getting the area scene together for an entertaining night in a hopping Warehouse District.

Bad Mothers opened the night with their styling of hard rock pulsating out from the corner of Colonie Street and Broadway. The four-piece troupe is a high-energy group that nearly earned the opening of last year’s Pearlpalooza. They advanced through the preceding battle of the bands competition before falling short in the final.


Bad Mothers is working on an LP release for 2020, and will headline a show marking the launch of the Almost Never Dead record label on Saturday, March 7, at The Low Beat

Photo Gallery by Michael Hallisey

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