LIVE: Danielle Nicole @ The Strand, Plattsburgh, 3/3/2020

The Danielle Nicole Band swung into downtown Plattsburgh on Tuesday night, taking over the Strand Theater.  The concert was put on and managed by Dr. Laura Carbone, one of the best blues photographers in the country, and a Plattsburgh resident.

DDG 2963

The night was kicked off by the Angel Forrest Trio. Forrest, a Montreal, Quebec native has been playing the Blues for over 30 years, and has been named Female Vocalist of the Year by the Toronto Blues Society every year since 2013.  She made sure to show why to the packed crowd Monday night.  The audience was already moving before the first song ended, something that would carry through the entirety of the evening.  The trio played for about half an hour, with a short but memorable setlist.

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Following a brief intermission came the main event of the night.  The hundreds in attendance picked up right where they left off dancing and feelin’ the blues.  Danielle Nicole brought her upbeat RnB infused blues sound that she’s known for across the country.  The funky rhythm of her bass kept the room moving and the vibes flowing non-stop.  Nicole is coming off a Grammy nomination last year, and her popularity has only been rising.  There was no shortage of energy throughout her set.

People drove hours to feel the music put on by the Danielle Nicole Band, as well as the Angel Forrest Trio, coming together, sharing their love of the blues.  Both friends and strangers meeting, singing, and dancing to the music they adore.

Photo Gallery by Dakota Gilbert

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