LIVE: Silverstein @ Upstate Concert Hall 3/4/2020

On March 4th, 2020 something special happened. The 20th anniversary of Silverstein, a band from Burlington, Ontario, Canada that formed in 2000. Silverstein with their two opening bands I the Mighty and Four Year Strong seemed like the perfect lineup for such an occasion being from the same musical scene. Each band with its own very unique sound.   

I the Mighty started the night off. Everything the band managed to do that night was beyond what most bands of their genre can accomplish. Their wide range of sound was a mixture of alternative and hard rock. Their stage presence was fun and fast paced and had impressive melodies.  

Photo by Nick Dicocco

The melodic hardcore band Four Year Strong from the beginning was a shot of adrenaline straight into the veins. Your head couldn’t stop yourself from head-banging until the very end of the set. The band’s energy level was off the charts and they were quick to let everyone know they weren’t playing around from their hard riffs to their insane breakdowns. Their sound and performance was truly something to witness.  

Silverstein was in awe that night by how many fans of their music were out there to support them. The lead vocalist Shane Told said at the beginning of the night “I can’t believe we have been doing this for 20 years”. The setlist was built for the fans, playing everything from newer music to their old classics. They even played an acoustic set along with the album “Discovering the Waterfront” in its entirety. If you are a fan of Silverstein you should have been there that night because you wouldn’t see a set like that again. Everyone was singing along with each song. You could tell the band was humbled to play with the family who helped them get to where they are today 20 years later.

Photo Gallery of Silverstein

Photo Gallery of I the Mighty

Photo Gallery Four Year Strong

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