Cabin Fever Dinner and Concert with Joy Adler & The Souls of Evolution w Special Music Guests March 21

The award winning group, Joy Adler & The Souls of Evolution will be performing at the Historic Hotel Broadalbin on March 21st. The band features local musicians Elizabeth Woodbury Kasius and Brian Melick, who are up for Eddy music awards this year with Joy Adler singer/songwriter.

The hotel is offering a special evening out package complete with a full dinner, kinship, and sing along with us if you like, in celebration of the Spring Equinox.

Joy Adler has promised to play her new song, some Country, Americana, Originals, folk and some traditional Irish music as well. Rich harmonies, fiddle, acoustic guitars and piano will delight you as you dine on sumptuous food combined with their friendly staff- promise a magical and inspiring evening!

Tickets (and meal selection) are on sale here.

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