Keep Calm and Connect with Nippertown

Nippertown cares a lot about musicians and artists, and we are missing our connections with them during this very unusual point in history where we are being asked to “social distance.”

As a licensed mental health provider, I’m very aware that people tend to turn to the arts for comfort. Attending concerts is one way we can connect with others and soothe our weary souls from stressors. Viewing art, reading poetry, and sharing cultural experiences are all healthy coping strategies for managing anxiety, depression, and fatigue. Social distancing, while required for our physical health, will have costs if we don’t replace our usual coping strategies with other healthy ones.

Nippertown has a solution for you, though. Every day, we are asking our local musicians and artists to share how they are coping with social distancing and still comforting themselves. We will publish a daily interview, some short, some longer, with ideas shared by your favorite performers. Artists, musicians, chefs, and other purveyors of cultural creativity will give us ideas about how they are each managing during the COVID-19 pandemic. And never fear. Once this is over, and it will end, Nippertown will be back to announce and report on your favorite events as we always have. Until then, be kind, turn toward each other (even if it is through technology).

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