518 Rainbow Hunt Brings Joy and Hope to Children in Capital Region and Beyond

A kind gesture started on Facebook last week to lift the spirits and burn off the energy of children stuck at home, “518 Rainbow Hunt” is a social media phenomenon now spreading hope like glitter across the region.

Targeting children sent home for online schooling due to the state’s social distancing recommendations, the page titled suggests the following direction to children:

If you have a Rainbow in your window, snap a photo and tag the street/area/neighborhood AND The town you’re in so those near you can go for a walk and hunt for your rainbow! (Avoid posting your house number so it’s a real 👀 HUNT!)

Psst… don’t forget to tag #518RainbowHunt

Administrator for the site Kristyn Dayter started the site hoping to get children outside hunting for rainbows. They can safely keep a distance, and also have a reason to play outside while sharing their rainbows electronically with peers.

What emerged shortly after, however, has been more than just scouting rainbows. Children across the capital region are coloring rainbows and posting them in their windows, using sidewalk chalk to inspire hope on driveways, and even coloring with window markers directly on the glass looking outside to invite joy and connection between neighbors.

There is a map posted as well when rainbows do occur naturally in the world for children to chase, too, encouraging that all-important fresh air, movement, and sunshine.

Anyone feeling melancholy won’t stay that way after hunting for rainbows. The sense of community across the 518 is inspiring hope for so many.

Want to join the movement? Post a rainbow in your window for children to spot! And if you see a rainbow in the sky, snap a picture and share it on social media. But don’t give away many clues; keep the hunt a real challenge and adventure!

A Sample of Some #518RainbowHunt Photos

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