Your Invite to a Sean Rowe Show: Dancing not Required, but Encouraged


We’re living in strange times, but in these moments of uncertainty, it’s been remarkable how people have been willing to offer what they can to help others. Sean Rowe has decided to share his musical talents in his “Quarantined House Concerts”. This series of performances is a free experience, in which Sean brings you into his home to play some of his hits, things he is working on, and covers. Interspersed in his performances is cheerful banter with the chatroom embedded in the screen.

There’s a very humble charm to being invited into a musician’s home to have them perform for you, particularly when you think about how many others are watching with you across the globe. I like to turn it into a soulful little dance party, but you can enjoy it however you choose. Sean will be live streaming starting every Sunday at 1. There’s no ticket required, but if you’re so inclined, you can donate to Sean using the button that will be on his livestream.

If you want to join in on the good times, you can go to for the second session this coming Sunday. I’ll catch you there in the chat if I’m not too busy dancing.

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