Heartspace Yoga Expands Online Practice

Heartspace Yoga‘s studios in Albany and Troy are sadly shuttered like all public yoga studios due to the COVID 19 crisis. Their beautiful hardwood floors and gleaming stained glass windows wait for students who can’t come.

But that hasn’t stopped the yogis who teach at Heartspace from reaching out to the community to help offer strategies to manage stress through mindful practice.

Beginning two weeks ago, the studios responded to Governor Cuomo’s PAUSE campaign by offering free Hatha classes for free on the studios’ Facebook pages.

When that got a huge response, the studio added Zoom classes.

Yoga is a wonderful way to center and calm yourself during times of crisis, and Heartspace is making sure no one feels left out. From traditional Vinyasa Flow and Hatha practice to classes for children and pregnant moms, Heartspace is offering an expanded schedule of options that can fit into anyone’s schedule.

The studio is requesting payment of any sort. As they explain in email form to their clients, “You can choose to pay what you want. $1- $20. No judgement as we are all in different financial situations right now. However, everyone’s feeling the stress of the times and yoga helps out big time right now. Your payment goes to support your instructors and Heartspace, as we still have to carry our overhead of maintaining our studios while closed.” They ask that those using credit cards to pay consider paying monthly rather than for each individual class, as that keeps accounting fees down.

Classes are even available for 24 hours after a practice is complete, giving yoga students plenty of flexibility in fitting in their practice.

Heartspace is requesting people sign up at least 30 minutes in advance by using this link.

If you are curious about yoga, now is the time to try it out from home without anyone around you. After all, there’s no pressure. Practice makes progress.

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