Mohawk Humane Society Wants to Draw Your Pet

Bored at home? Looking for fun ways to pass the time without taking Fido for yet ANOTHER walk?

The Mohawk Humane Society is willing to draw your pet! Submit a picture of your pet with $20, and a volunteer will produce a drawing of your pet.

The Mohawk Humane Society will commission a volunteer to make a drawing from that image, and here’s the twist: our volunteers are very talented people, but they are not necessarily artistically gifted. The styles and techniques will vary widely, but we promise that you’ll see your pet in a way you have never seen before. It may be ridiculous or perfect … and that’s part of the fun! The society also brags that it has a few “ringers” in the group, so your drawing just might be done by someone with real talent.

Check out their Facebook page here, and consider sending in your donation today.

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