Hamell on Trial, Joy Rides for Shut-ins

Hamell on Trial, aka Ed Hamell, has been a staple on the Albany music scene for decades with residences at The Low Beat and Valentines, even further back with his beloved band the Works. With current lockdown disrupting his busy worldwide touring schedule Hamell has adapted his house concert experience to the live streaming medium seamlessly.  Hamell has done a weekly scheduled broadcast from his living room for the last three weeks, he continues with his fourth and final scheduled stream. He will do requests from his extensive catalog of songs that he has yet to play, he states “this was  8 hours of unrepeated original songs, jokes and stories.”

Hamell on Trial is a larger than life performer with a relentless Gatling gun acoustic guitar attack, pointed and incendiary lyrics interspersed with his Hicks/Bruce influenced jokes and seasoned raconteur style. In the bunker with him is his co-host/tech guy and son Detroit. Hamell is a critical thinker’s artist and the close minded will find no safe harbor here, you’ve been warned.

Parenting the Hamell way!  The focus of this stream is Detroit who will share his thoughts and memories of touring on the road with his father since he was 6 years old. Hamell states “Hope you’ll join my son Detroit and I as I interview him about our 200,000 miles, ( yup, you read that correctly) on the road together. See you then, looking forward to it.”

The live stream is Saturday, April 11th at 2 pm EDT. The link will be on both the Hamell on Trial page at https://www.facebook.com/hamellontrial/ and the Edward Hamell page at https://www.facebook.com/edward.hamell  as Hamell says “Spread the word not the virus”

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