Best Easter Movies to Watch during a Pandemic

You’re locked down with your family this Easter and after four-weeks, you might be getting sick and tired of them. That’s okay, and let’s face it – it’s probably just being honest.

However, today’s Easter and there is this whole sense of wanting to be together because it’s a holiday. Well, we have the perfect solution for you. Watch Easter movies. You don’t have to talk, you can just sit there and munch on popcorn or better yet chocolate eggs until it’s time for Easter dinner.

Monty Python’s Life of Brian – NETFLIX / YOUTUBE

This classic (albeit controversial) comedy is perfect for the “cool” family or if you are flying solo this Easter Sunday. Although it’s less faith-based and more satirical, it’ll have you laughing ’til all the chocolate eggs are gone.

An Interview With God – NETFLIX

If you’re looking to feel all the feels this Easter Sunday, queue up this movie. This emotional drama follows jaded war reporter Paul Asher as he sits down for an interview with a man who claims to be God.

Joseph: King of Dreams – NETFLIX

Your kids already know and love the story of Joseph and his “coat of many colors.” Queue up this animated (and musical!) movie after the Easter egg hunt, and they’ll be thoroughly entertained for another 74 minutes. When you’re done, make them listen to Dolly Parton’s song and be thankful there isn’t a KidBopz version, or is there?

The Gospel of John – NETFLIX

This film from director David Batty is a word-for-word visual adaptation of the Bible’s Book of John. Wondering where the other disciple movies are, don’t fret, The Gospel of MatthewThe Gospel of Mark, and The Gospel of Luke are all on Netflix, as well. There are plenty of movies already about Revelations, but honestly, don’t you feel like we are kind of living there right now?


This sweet live-action/animated film (starring Russell Brand as the voice of E.B., the son of the retiring Easter Bunny) is full of springtime shenanigans that parents and kids will enjoy together.

Winnie the Pooh: Springtime with Roo – DISNEY+

Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet and Roo visit Rabbit. But Roo is upset when Rabbit cancels the Easter celebration. Does the Easter bunny have COVID-19? Nope, O.C.D. Rabbit insists on spring cleaning so no one gets the virus.

South Park – Fantastic Easter Special S11 E5 – HULU

Okay, this isn’t a movie. But I love South Park, and it’s so educational. In this episode, Stan is determined to get the real story behind why he has to decorate eggs for Easter, and he falls in with an eccentric society that guards a legendary secret. Religion, cult, eggs… what more can you ask for?

Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert – HULU

The award-winning show is re-imagined as a live concert event, featuring an all-star cast of recording artists, set during the last week of Jesus’ life as he deals with betrayal, love and jealousy, and told from the perspective of Judas. And John Legend as Jesus… watch for local favorite Brandon “Taz” Niederauer on guitar.

The Greatest Story Ever Told – AMAZON PRIME

This classic from 1965 tells the story of Jesus, from his birth in Bethlehem to his death and eventual resurrection, the life of Christ is given the all-star treatment in this epic retelling.

Easterland – AMAZON PRIME

When the villainous Bad Clyde casts an evil spell to banish the beloved Benny the Easter Bunny to the dreaded Land of the Holiday Misfits, Santa Claus and his trusty sidekick, Gargaff the Reindeer, come to the rescue to save the Easter holiday for children everywhere.

Don’t have kids? Take a drink every time a childhood memory comes on screen. You’ll be laughing (or passed out) by the time Easter dinner rolls around.

The Passion of the Christ – AMAZON PRIME

Mel Gibson’s classic of the last 12-hours of Jesus’s life. This one’s the most violent and harrowing perspective on a story that, no matter what your faith, is bigger than any attempt to portray it on film. Forget that Gibson is an anti-semitic douche and enjoy this masterpiece after the kids go to bed.

Ben-Hur – TCM (@ NOON)

This epic drama about an aristocratic Jew living in Judea who incurs the wrath of a childhood friend, now a Roman tribune. Although forced into slavery on a galley and compelled to witness the cruel persecution of his family, he survives, harboring dreams of vengeance. Don’t miss the battle at sea or the classic chariot race screen. When you think that this movie is from 1959, the set design and action will forever make this a classic.

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