The Beat from Troy Music Hall #5, The Cocktail Edition

Welcome to the weekend! Tonight, we suggest you mix yourself a delicious cocktail or mocktail and sit down to enjoy any number of free streaming concerts. To help, we are sharing some of our favorite cocktails we are drinking in quarantine.

Thank you to everyone who sent us links, we are using your submissions! We still ask you to share what you love with all of us. Email any concert links, articles, or any other fun, creative, thoughtful content to [email protected] – we may share your favorites with everyone.

How To Drink – Top 5 Three Ingredient Drinks

We highly recommend the YouTube channel How To Drink – good recipes and excellent explanations of how and why what you mix makes or breaks a good cocktail.

Top 5 Three Ingredient Drinks! | How to Drink

Rock Documentaries

Mix a cocktail and pair it with one of these documentaries – all will make you feel like you are a part of the scene, even if you are watching from your couch. From the New York Times –Stream and Shout: 10 Underseen Rock Documentaries

Local Shows – ALBFest

Stream some of your favorite local bands this weekend and contribute to a good cause. Presented by and Pearl Street Pub, #ALBFest is a 3-day musical benefit for local restaurants, venues, musicians, and food banks! Go to their facebook page to learn more.

John Prine’s Signature Cocktail – Handsome Johnny

From the site InsideHook: “Before you make your own Handsome Johnny, make sure you have the right vodka. Prine said he used red label Smirnoff vodka, not blue label. “If you get too good of vodka, it kills the bubbles,” Prine cautioned.” Click here for the full recipe and enjoy!

Just for Fun!

One of our favorite local breweries, Rare Form, is offering home delivery or curb side pick-up. Their Troy Division IPA is one of our favorites – pair it with a listening of Joy Division’s classic Unknown Pleasures – that’s a good night!

This one involves scheduling a movie night, but we sense calendars may not be full lately. Lionsgate will stream Dirty Dancing on April 24, La La Land on May 1st, and, for all you Keanu Reeves fans, John Wick on May 8th, for free on YouTube. Click here for more info.

We are throwing this video in as a bonus, which was originally posted on Twitter by @hamlinton_ with the caption “my dad sent me this and i am LOSING MY MIND” Trust us, watch to the end!

We end today’s newsletter the only way we should, with cute pandas on a slide. Enjoy your weekend!

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