The Beat from Troy Music Hall #6, The Literature & Art Edition

Art! As we stay in for the good of our communities, people are entertaining themselves by consuming and creating it. What are you watching, reading, crafting, or creating?

Hands up if you watched Tiger King on Netflix (several hands up from the Hall’s staff), a crazy and troubling tale that seems to be unifying the country at the moment. We recommend watching it with a critical eye, but below are a few things we whole heartily endorse.

People Recreate Works of Art With ObjectsFound at Home During Self-Quarantine

Museums are also in a tough place right now – how can you view the art if you can’t enter the building? The Getty in LA has a found a creative way to still engage. They threw down this challenge: “Recreate a work of art with objects (and people)” from the comfort of your home. People did not disappoint.

An Homage to Home

Sarah LaDuke, the producer for WAMC’s The Roundtable, created a beautiful video celebrating our homes as safe havens during this difficult time.

“I put out a call on my social media feeds (and hounded my close friends) to send me images of their beloved corners, walls, rooms, yards, nooks, seats and sofas. The response was lovely and it was cool to get a peak at everyone’s interior design style.”

Explaining the Pandemic to my Past Self

What would happen if I tried to explain what’s happening now to the January 2020 version of myself?


We know books play an important role in your lives, and this isn’t a guess – we have proof. Courtesy of Karen, our Director of Marketing, we offer you A Tale of Josh Ritter: “I was house managing Josh’s first concerts at the Hall and, after the show, he had a meet and greet. A few hundred patrons stayed. He asked every single one of them, ‘What are you reading?'”

“Every patron launched into a wonderful description of their latest reads, with such enthusiasm it was a pleasure to overhear the conversation. The downside – it was the longest night I’d ever had at the Hall. People love to talk about their books!”

31 Great Quarantine Reads

Courtesy of Vanity Fair – the most absorbing, distracting, engaging books they could think of—from epic Russian tragedies to expostulations that are fun to shout.

Just for Fun!

A message from one of our favorite performers, Randy Newman, with some good advice – “Stay away from me, words of love in times like these!”

We end today’s newsletter with the ultimate tease!

Please share with us any links or videos that have made you laugh, entertained you, or provided a distraction, Please email them to [email protected] and we may use them in future volumes of The Beat. Thank you.

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