Caffe Lena Deemed Essential

Historic Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs, NY was deemed “essential” by New York State. In recent weeks, Caffe Lena has kept the music scene alive for local lovers of folk and roots music by offering pre recorded concerts, but this “essential” status will greatly shift what can be offered to bring the community together in enjoyment of music and culture.

Caffe Lena is able to “reopen,” still using live streaming, and has a 60 year anniversary party planned for May 21st as part of this essential status.

In the past two months, Lena has streamed previous shows, and had in a few local musicians to entertain viewers.

With staff returning, Caffe Lena can offer its Stay At Home sessions again. They are slated to be offering these starting April 27th. Moving forward, the venue plans to offer a nightly mix of pre recorded shows and live streamed ones as well.

Due to social distancing policies, the venue is not open to anyone other than the musicians and employees slated to work at the famed venue. But this is still great news, as it enables music lovers and musicians alike to stay engaged and working.

The anniversary concert on May 21st will celebrate the famed venue with a number of local performers offering live streaming from their living rooms. The celebration will be free, but donations are requested to support the venue’s endowment, promising to keep and support Caffe Lena for years to come.

Music is essential, folks, so tune in and reconnect with old friends.

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