Troy Foundry Theatre Offers How to Give a Hair Cut, and the Couples Quarantine Game

Troy Foundry Theatre‘s Living Room Series is featuring some unique and fun ways to pass the weekend.

Need a hair cut? Ya..we thought so. This Friday, Troy Foundry Theatre’s resident hair and makeup guru Kelly Artis has got you covered, teaching us all how to give that perfect quarantine cut with what you’ve got at home. Trust your partner and practice right after the lesson.


And on Saturday, May 2nd, enjoy some couples time with another couple. Raquel Velho (Joan Kelsey’s Silver Lining) and Raurri Jennings (Front Biz) are one of the countless couples quarantining together. While they can’t get together with their own bands to practice, they’re finding ways of keeping their music skills sharp. Join them this Saturday as they spin a wheel (guys, they literally made a wheel) to entertain us and each other—performing solo and together, doing select readings of their favorite writing, and even presenting “mini TED-talks” on radical care in these unprecedented times.


Want to watch? Visit the Troy Foundry Theatre Facebook page during the scheduled slots.   At the scheduled time a new live video will begin on our FB page.  Click into the video to watch, engage and interact directly with the host. 

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