Rockin’ & Rollin’ Through the Streets – Caffe Lena Throws her Own Parade

Caffe Lena, a music staple located in Saratoga, is known for its cozy intimate space. The walls are lined with plush couches, the tables etched with quotes from treasured musicians. The warm brick walls and the creak of the wooden floors bring to mind the unique history that Lena has. 

Caffe Lena as you may have remembered it.

This year is a big year for Caffe Lena, bringing about it’s 60th birthday. Like many, Lena will spend its birthday without the joy of a celebrating crowd inside its walls. Fortunately, it won’t be spending its birthday without music, and this Thursday, they will be bringing the music to the streets of Saratoga.

It’s a perfect way to spend your lunch break if you’re working from home. From 12-1 three flatbed trucks will be loaded up with local musicians (Let’s Be Leonard, Hot Club of Saratoga, and Garland Nelson) who will circle the streets playing music for anyone who wants to watch. The trucks will go north on Broadway to Lake, then east on Lake to Circular, and then south on Circular to return back to Broadway. 

Caffe Lena as she is now.

If you are so inspired, you could decorate your car to capture the spirit of Caffe Lena, wishing her a Happy Birthday as she brings the music from within her hallowed walls and into the streets. 

Lena has brought music outdoors in other performances such as this one on 4/25.

If you can’t make it to the parade, then you can join them as they continue to celebrate by bringing some birthday joy into your home with their livestream in the evening. This will include stories and music, reminiscing about the Caffe as it has grown over the years.

It’s easy to feel distanced from things you used to love, but hopefully, music can bring us all a little bit closer as we celebrate Caffe Lena’s birthday. 

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