The Beat from Troy Music Hall #15, Moving in the Right Direction

It’s Happening!

We’ve met our benchmarks and Phase One is in motion. It’s exciting and a step in the right direction. Let’s be sure to keep that momentum going by wearing our masks and, on the recommendation from our friends in Boston, still stay wicked fah apaht.

A Song of Hope

ONE FINE DAY, written by David Byrne and Brian Eno, has encouraging lyrics for these dark times.

Then before my eyes, is standing still
I beheld it there, a city on a hill
I complete my tasks, one by one
I remove my masks, when I am done

Then a peace of mind fell over me —
In these troubled times, I still can see
We can use the stars, to guide the way
It is not that far, the one fine —

One fine day

Wild, Weird, and Wonderful?

2021 – We Will Be Tuning In!

Eurovision 2020 has been canceled, but we can still enjoy the videos. What is Eurovision? This 2016 article by Vox does a good job explaining it: “At its most bare-bones level, Eurovision is an international song contest. But it’s so much more than that: It was created in 1956, as an attempt by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) to bring Europeans together after the trauma of World War II. Today it’s a magical place where (mostly) European countries come together to battle one another using insanely elaborate costumes (and nudity), glitter, and fireworks instead of bombs and guns.”

Don’t Stop Believin’ – The Peanut Gang sings Journey

Have you noticed a trend? This is the third video in our Beat series that features vintage Journey. Prediction – this trend will continue.

Can You Hear a Difference?

Can You Hear the Difference Between a One Million Dollar & $5000 Cello? | Bach Cello Suite No. 1

Wendy Law plays – can your ear hear a difference?

Funny Face

During the run of The Beat, we have repeatedly stressed how staying in has brought out the best and sometime weirdest part of our creativity. The Tiny Face Makeup Challenge illustrates that point yet again. Honestly, words fail – you just have to watch.

Just for Fun!


Boy’s Epic Staredown Battle Goes Viral


Sports fans, like music fans, are anxiously awaiting Phase 4. Until then, enjoy this kid’s epic stare-down with ESPN cameras at the 2016 World Series, courtesy of Good Morning America.

Olive and Mabel are back! You may remember their first episode, The Breakfast Grand Final. Now enjoy episode #3, their competitive Walk of Shame. Who will win?!?!?

We know this is hard, and if you need someone to listen, NYS has set up a Covid Emotional Support Helpline – call 1-844-863-9314, available 8 AM – 10 PM, seven days a week.

Please share with us any links or videos that have made you laugh, entertained you, or provided a distraction. Please email them to [email protected] and we may use them in future volumes of The Beat. Thank you.

We are marking our 145th Anniversary this month.

We are proud of our history and our service to the community. The current crisis has had a significant impact on us, but we look forward to opening our doors and welcoming you back! The music will soar again, but only if we stay strong, stay connected, and stay together. Your generosity and support are greatly appreciated, please click here to donate.

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