The Beat from Troy Music Hall #17, Self Improvement

One way to look at our current circumstance is to say we’ve been given the gift of time, a lot of time. For those of you working from home, and/or homeschooling – we salute you! For those of you catching up on Netflix or playing Animal Crossing, we understand you! For those of you taking the time to do self improvement, we find you exhausting! But, also inspirational! This edition of The Beat is dedicated to all you quarantine achievers.

Make some Beautiful Music!

The Knight Rider theme arranged for 8 cellos by Samara Ginsberg – a classical twist on what is now pop culture nostalgia. She’s made three of these types of videos since the lock-down started, including the Imperial March (Darth Vader’s Theme) and the theme from Inspector Gadget.

We feel KITT would approve!

Build a Better Cookie

For those of you who have become expert bakers, take a break with this easy recipe from cooking personality Alton Brown. He has been producing shows while in quarantine – it’s just him with his wife working the camera. In his latest edition, he shows you how to make a quick, easy, gluten free peanut-butter cookie, with ingredients you probably already have in your pantry.

Learn French!

How hard could it be? Ummm… according to the hilarious Buzzfeed video, it may be a bit more challenging then you’d think.

Quarantine Seen Through Art

Take some time to research some of the classics! Visit The Met’s Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History, pairing essays and works of art with chronologies, telling the story of art and global culture through the Museum’s collection.

Tips for Bird Watching

This article from the New York Times,7 Tips for Watching Birds During the Spring Lockdown, has good, practical tips for those who may have just taken up the sport. For inspirations, check out this article from Bored Panda, 30 Extraordinarily Beautiful Birds You Might Not Have Heard About.

Just for Fun!

From the Los Angeles Times comes this article, “Out-of-touch celebs — take a cue from Mandy Patinkin’s relatable shutdown videos”. We need to thank them for alerting us to his Twitter account.

The Broadway legend is currently in social isolation with his wife, the actress Kathryn Grody, and their children. Their son Gideon has been filming them and the results are pure delight! Check them all out by clicking here. We especially enjoyed Gideon quizzing his parents on modern trends.

Maru the Cat

Maru, a male Scottish Fold cat in Japan, is the most famous cat on the internet. His videos have been viewed over 325 million times, earning him a Guinness World Record for YouTube video views of an individual animal. He has a fondness for boxes and is just overall adorable.

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