Local Pop Artist Vince Palmeri releases new video “Guilty Pleasure”

Vince Palmeri is bored in the house, and he’s in the house bored.

Our resident pop artist has apparently lost his mind and is exhibiting unhealthy lifestyle choices in his latest video “Guilty Pleasure.” It’s essentially a sub-four-minute rundown of everything you’ve seen on TikTok. Yeah, stop clownin’. You know you’re on there.

Directed by Cameron Gallagher, and produced by Theory and Simone Ermacora, “Guilty Pleasure” puts Palmeri into various situations, sneaking smokes outside in the backyard and escalating his choice of alcohol before feasting away on the couch.

Palmeri has been on a one-man mission to make pop music great again, and he’s been doing it piece by piece. This latest track is a tight number just in time for the summertime — and if the clubs were open, it would be worth getting on the dance floor for this one.

“Guilty Pleasure” is available on all streaming platforms.

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