C.K. and The Rising Tide release Stones cover “Under My Thumb”

Curtis K. Flach has drawn inspiration from, and has been compared to, different artists from the 60s including Lou Reed and Bob Dylan, but not The Rolling Stones; until now.

C.K. and The Rising Tide dropped a cover of the Stone’s 1966 hit on YouTube last week. It’s not so much a video as it is just the audio played to the visual of the band’s logo on the screen. However, it’s a refreshing take from the band known best for its Americana storytelling through song.

Flach and the band have released two albums together since releasing “American Romance” in 2018. Flach was previously solo, and had headlined the MOVE Music Festival with Sawyer Fredericks, and Jocelyn and Chris Arndt. But, while together, the troupe has composed clever, honest and meaningful music rooted in folk-rock and in a little bit of country. The release is a likely hint that the band is gearing up for yet another album release in as many years.

The song is currently available only on YouTube, but be certain to check Spotify and other streaming media for future releases.

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  1. Ann says

    Great feature, love this cover by them!

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