Off The Record Trio takes you back with ‘Time Capsule’

Off The Record is that cool kid in school you didn’t know was smart until she graduated with honors.

The trio’s high-energy live act is plugged into Joanna Palladino’s no-quit engine. The lead singer is always dancing, stomping and gyrating to a go-go beat with the stamina that would put Steven Tyler to shame. All the while, guitarist Geo Doody and percussionist Bob Resnick fuel the party with vintage 60s tunes and a smattering of contemporary music modified to fit that by-gone era. When the music stops, Palladino educates the crowd on the origins of each song.

The trio teased fans with a taste of its upcoming album Time Capsule on RadioRadioX last month, and it sounds about what you’d expect to hear. From the moment you hear Resnick’s drumbeat on “You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover,” you’re moving. It’s an old-school rock sound that makes you want to either get up and dance or go jump in a deuce coupe and race.

The band hasn’t shared a release date as of yet but it has hinted that it hopes to host a release party as soon as restrictions are lifted. Visit for the band’s latest updates.

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