On This Date: The Who rehearse for ’89 Tour in Glens Falls

On this date in 1989, The Who played a warm-up show for their tour at the Glens Falls Civic Center (now the Cool Insuring Arena). The tour officially began on the 23rd and 24th in Toronto. The show consists of two sets. The first set was “Tommy” and the second set was a collection of Who hits, Pete’s solo material and some selected rarities. Pete Townshend played only acoustic guitar through the first act, then electric in sections of the second act.

There were plenty of reasons for the Who to remain retired. For one, they’d already said goodbye, during a series of dates already called a farewell tour. Pete Townshend had also developed an issue with his hearing. The band barely spoke to each other in the past five years. And legendary drummer, Keith Moon, was still very, very dead.

But the band’s 25th anniversary seemed important. As was the 20th anniversary of their rock opera Tommy. So, there they were, playing a warm-up date on June 21, 1989 at the 5,000-seat Glens Falls Civic Center. The Who then officially kicked off the summer long, 25-city Kids Are Alright Tour: 1964-1989 reunion on June 23 in Toronto.


Got Four-Hours to Spare?



00:00:03 Sister Disco
00:06:09 You Better You Bet
00:12:15 Who Are You
00:18:58 Baba O’Riley
00:24:38 Behind Blue Eyes
00:28:25 Won’t Get Fooled Again
00:37:16 Hey Joe

Tour Opener:

00:43:09 Overture
00:47:48 It’s A Boy
00:48:32 1921
00:51:33 Amazing Journey
00:54:50 Sparks
00:59:46 The Acid Queen
01:03:24 Pinball Wizard
01:07:35 Do You Think It’s Alright?
01:07:59 Fiddle About
01:09:58 I’m Free
01:12:11 Tommy’s Holiday Camp
01:13:05 We’re Not Gonna Take It

01:22:21 I Won’t Run Anymore (cut)
01:26:03 All Shall be Well
01:30:20 A Friend Is A Friend
01:36:30 I Can’t Explain
01:38:46 Substitute
01:43:36 I Can See For Miles
01:48:04 Trick Of The Light
01:53:38 Boris The Spider
01:56:28 Hey Joe
02:01:51 Who Are You
02:08:48 Naked Eye
02:16:20 Summertime Blues
02:22:04 Too Much Of Anything
02:25:28 Baba O’Riley
02:31:06 My Generation
02:34:25 A Little Is Enough
02:39:53 5:15
02:46:12 Love Reign O’er Me
02:52:21 Love Hurts
02:56:06 Too Late The Hero
03:03:54 My Wife
03:09:07 Sister Disco
03:14:16 Give Blood
03:20:10 Join Together
03:25:43 You Better You Bet
03:31:30 Behind Blue Eyes
03:35:23 Won’t Get Fooled Again

03:49:28 Pictures Of Lily
03:53:11 Twist And Shout

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