Albany Expands Outdoor Café Program on Lark, Jay and Madison

The City of Albany announced further additions to the outdoor café program – a program designed to help local eateries by allowing for expanded outdoor dining opportunities. This program is made possible through Governor Cuomo’s phased reopening and SLA guidance, allowing the City of Albany to creatively assist local eateries by establishing safe, socially distanced eating and drinking opportunities.

The following parking lane closures will go into effect on Monday, July 6, at 7:00 a.m., and are effective until at least July 31:

  • Lark Street along east side between 286 Lark Street and 288 Lark Street;
  • Lark Street along west side between 203 Lark Street to State Street, Hudson Avenue to 273 Lark Street, 295 Lark Street and 301 Lark Street;
  • Jay Street along north side between Lark Street and 229 Jay Street;
  • Madison Avenue along the south side between 456 Madison Avenue and 448 Madison Avenue;
  • Madison Avenue along the north side between 465 Madison Avenue and Willet Street.

In these areas, the City will temporarily prohibit parking to allow pedestrians to utilize the parking lane, allowing for the entire depth of the sidewalks to be utilized for outdoor dining. The City will utilize several methods for ensuring pedestrian safety and continued ADA compliance, including temporary barricades and ramps.

Through a partnership with Albany County Executive Daniel P. McCoy, the Albany County Parking Lot located between Spring Street and Washington Avenue will be available for free parking as part of this program between Friday at 6:00 p.m. and Sunday at 9:00 a.m., each week beginning July 10 through at least July 31.

The City of Albany would like to thank the continued partnership of the Lark Street Business Improvement District, City of Albany Common Council Member Richard Conti, and Albany County Legislator Matthew Peter for helping collaborate on this program.

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