The Beat from Troy Music Hall #23, Let the Games Begin

Life is More Fun if you Play Games!

The human race has been playing games since 300 B.C. They teach children social and cognitive skills, and the fun that comes with playing can improve the mental health of adults. They can even make you more productive! So what are you waiting for? Gather the fam or figure out a way to socially distance with friends, and play some games!


We just discovered this on YouTube, and it’s so, so good! Stay with one whole episode and we promise you’ll be hooked. If you enjoy British humor (or humour), this show is for you! Season four of Taskmaster stars Noel Fielding and Mel Giedroyc, who many Americans know from various seasons of the Great British Bake Off. Check out theirYouTube Channel here.

Name that (video game) tune!

The most recognizable to us was the Pac-Man theme, but he also plays the Legend of ZeldaSonic the Hedgehog, Street Fighter II, and a few more. How many do you know? How many can your children or grandchildren identify?

How Well Do You Lie?

TableTop Videos was conceived by Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day. They film people playing new games and explain the rules to those watching. Sheriff of Nottingham is great for ages 14 and up, and you need two to five people to play. This is a bluffing game and if you are good at deception you will do well!Intrigued? You can order the game by clicking here.

Miss Sporting Events?

Fill the void by watching this exhilarating marble race!The high production values of Jelle’s Marble Runs’ Marbula E series make it thrilling to watch, and the commentary from professional announcers Greg Woods and Jack Nicholls add to the experience.

TSBMH & WEXT present the Drive-in Concert SeriesThe Wheel
Tuesday, July 21, 8 PM at the Jericho Drive-in

Photo by Frankie Cavone

Unlock the door, buckle up, and enjoy the ride with the the Capital Region’s most authentic Grateful Dead tribute band. After the concert, please stay for a screening of a movie, TBA!Get your TICKETS today! Live music is back!

Just for Fun!

This teacher’s COVID-19 song makes these morning hosts cry with laughter. This is ukulele playing done right!

The Evolution of 80’s Reverb

Learn how a very long haired Peter Gabriel kicked off an evolution that influenced all of 80’s music, from Phil Collins, Prince, Kate Bush, John Cougar-Mellencamp, Duran Duran, and so much more!

From Vox – Here’s a Spotify playlist of some of the best reverb songs:

How to Recreate Phil Collins’ Legendary “In the Air Tonight” Drum Fill

Games Animals Play

We all know parrots are smart, but can they solve puzzles? This Australian Sulphur-crested cockatoo is presented with a puzzle made using 3D printing and laser cutting. Will he solve it? Watch and see!

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