The Beat from Troy Music Hall #24, Summertime Fun!

Summertime Fun!

In the 24th edition of The Beat, learn about an immensely enjoyable evening of live music this Tuesday at the Jericho Drive-in with the Grateful Dead tribute band, The WheelWe share that The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra is offering a free Summer Jazz Academy, starting July 20, and and we drop some knowledge on you regarding ancient statues that will blow you mind, or you will at least find mildly interesting. 


Imitation is the Best Form of Flattery

What do you do when you’ve been in lockdown for four months? Recreate iconic album covers! Residents at the Sydmar Lodge Care Home in Edgeware, England, did just that and then tweeted them out. See them as Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, Elvis PresleyAdele, and more. Check out the iconic recreations here.

I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying

Enjoy this sweet Oscar®-winning animated short film of a Dad learning to care for his daughter’s hair. Suitable for the whole family, but have a box of tissues nearby. (Hint – watch through the credits for a truly happy ending.)

What’s Cooking?

Do you remember the scene from The Office where lovable buffoon Kevin Malone attempts to share his families chili recipe with his co-workers? You can make it at home! Hopefully with less tragic results.

Follow along with Babish, and try hard not to spill the finished product.

This Goes Beyond A Little White Lie

Last summer, Karen, the Hall’s Director of Marketing, and her husband were touring the Boston Museum of Fine Arts where they meet a museum employee who dropped a bombshell on them. All the beautiful white marble statues they were looking at were once actually painted. They were full of color, some garish and loud. This video explains how we all came to think they were all untouched marble, and shows what they would have actually looked like. It’s surprising, the ancient world was actually very colorful!

TSBMH & WEXT present the Drive-in Concert SeriesThe Wheel
Tuesday, July 21, 8 PM at the Jericho Drive-in

Unlock the door, buckle up, and enjoy the ride with the the Capital Region’s most authentic Grateful Dead tribute band. After the concert, please stay for a screening of a movie, TBA!Get your TICKETS today! Live music is back!

Mack the Knife/Mack el Cuchillo

Have you had the pleasure of seeing Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis at the Music Hall? We’ve hosted them a few times, and will one day have them on stage again. In the meantime, they’ve put together something very special for you.

Join Jazz at Lincoln Center for its first-ever Free Summer Jazz Academy! Open to jazz fans of all skill levels, ages 12 and up, participants will enjoy a unique learning experience as world-class musicians share their insights throughout this two-week program. Learn more:

Even Cows Love A Brass Band

The New Hot 5, an American-based jazz band, plays for a herd of cows in Autrans, France and proves that music does indeed sooth the savage beast.

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