The Beat from Troy Music Hall #26, Sing and Dance

Sing and Dance your way into the Weekend

The Hall books a little bit of everything to create a season. Jazz, world music, bluegrass/American, classical, pop – pretty much all the music genres, with some comedy and dance thrown in. This edition of The Beat pays tribute to that mix, so lace up your dancing shoes and warm up your vocal cords – we expect you to dance and sing along. Live by the Zimbabwean proverb “If you can talk, you can sing, if you can walk, you can dance!”


Busking can be a hard business, but what a joy when someone is moved to dance by the sound of your voice. This gentleman takes such obvious delight in the entertainment, that our singer can’t help but come out from the mic and dance along.

Weird Al’s Tiny Desk Concert

NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts have been filmed and posted online for 10 years. Recently, they discovered one of their earliest concerts never made it to YouTube. They remedied that! For our viewing pleasure, they present us with Weird Al’s first Tiny Desk Concert.

Troy’s Summer Square

Troy’s Summer Square was created by the city to serve as a safe convening, dining, and entertainment space for the public. They’ve closed streets to create an open air plaza on Broadway between 2nd Street and River Street and will accommodate outdoor dining and activities on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.

Triskele plays tonight, Saturday, August 1, 6 PM – 8 PM, outside at Monument Square! They are the Capital Region’s Premier All-Female Irish Band with stunning harmonies that touch your soul. “Celtic Tradition with a Women’s Touch.” These events are free and open to the public, no tickets required.

Up Next: Mark and Jill – Friday, August 7, 6 – 8 PM, Troy Music Hall Courtyard

Mark and Jill are a powerful duo of American root blues meets soulful country Texas Smoke. Together these two are steeped in the American musical roots of gospel, jazz, and blues.Jordan Taylor Hill – Saturday, August 8, 6 – 8 PM, Monument SquareJordan Taylor Hill is inspired by African Music, Percussion, Hip-Hop, and Djembe. 

Learn more here about the free concerts.

Learn more here about the free movie series.

Mix It Up!

Hiplet is a new style of dance that combines the movements of hip-hop and classical ballet technique, all performed on pointe shoes. Watch the dancers of the Chicago Multicultural Dance Center plié, pirouette and jeté to their own rhythm using this new dance form.

From Heaven

We’d hazard a guess that many of you have heard different versions of Ave Maria throughout the years. It’s one of those hymns all vocalists like to try, it makes a great solo piece. Here, vocal ensemble Chanticleer performs an ensemble version of this best know Franz Biebl composition. Wouldn’t it be nice to see them live in concert? Hmm…..

To Hell

Highway to Hell by AC/DC sounds so badass when they play it, yet this 1,000 person version of it sounds so pure! From the light up devil horns to the brief glimpse of the man in the Where’s Waldo costume, everything about it is so joyful and innocent. (We don’t think the participants would like our assessment.)

Too Marvelous For Words

This charming dance number comes from the 1937 movie Ready, Willing and Able. It was nominated for an Oscar in the category of Best Dance Direction, and watching this number you can see it was well deserved.

Birds With Arms

We always end our newsletter with a video featuring animals. We’ve posted over 30. Do you know how hard it is to find that one, adorable, funny, intelligent, and/or sweet video week after week? We’ve avoided the weird up until now, but that ends today. Enjoy Birds with Arms!

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