The Beat from Troy Music Hall #30, Let’s Boogie Oogie Oogie!

Let’s Dance!

Move your body to the music, shut up and dance, everybody dance now, stop – Hammer time! If, while watching any of these videos, you feel inspired, we encourage you to get on up and bust a move. Seriously, especially if the “Covid 15” weight gain has crept up on you. We think working from home triggers a “must snack all the time” gene, even if have no scientific data to back up this claim.

Did you know the great actor Christopher Walken got his start as a hoofer on Broadway? He re-visited his roots in this 2001 Fatboy Slim video.

Directed by Spike Jonze, this video was declared Best Video of All Time by VH1 in 2002. What do you think? Do you agree?

All Sam Rockwell fans know he is an amazing dancer. In almost every movie he has appeared in, his character will find a moment to bust a few moves. Here he gets a whole video to himself, dancing to the music ofFlight Facilities.

This Is Amazing!

Using audience participation, Bobby McFerrin, of “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” fame, demonstrates the power of the pentatonic scale. It’s truly amazing!

The Ultimate Movie Dance Battles

It’s Time To Leave It All On The Dance Floor!

This video showcases the finest in dance battles! Featuring Kid ‘n Play in House Party, the brilliant Strictly Ballroom, the hand jive from Grease, and even a dance from the classic Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. This compilation of dance scenes will make you want to get your groove on. (“Seriously, if you haven’t watched Strictly Ballroom, you are missing out!” – Unsolicited opinion from Karen, our Director of Marketing)

Who Wouldn’t Love To Have Their Own Larry David?

Are you the type of person that replays conversations in your head, wishing you’d have said or done something differently? Does raw honesty make you incredibly uncomfortable? Get yourself a Larry David! The star of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and the inspiration for the character of George from Seinfeld, has an amazing ability to say what everyone is thinking but won’t say. He creates incredibly uncomfortable and awkward moments, yet remains unaffected by the reactions of others.

Troy’s Summer Square

Troy’s Summer Square was created by the city to serve as a safe convening, dining, and entertainment space for the public. They’ve closed streets to create an open air plaza on Broadway between 2nd Street and River Street and will accommodate outdoor dining and activities on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. All these shows are weather dependent.

The Eastern Highs – Sat, Sept 5, 6 PM – 8 PM, Monument Square

The Eastern Highs are based out of Troy, NY. They bring a sound that is focused on strong songwriting with touches of alternative, soul & folk influences.These events are free and open to the public, no tickets required.

Up Next:

Mark and Jill – Fri, Sept 11, 6 PM – 8 PM, Troy Savings Bank Music Hall Courtyard

Mark and Jill are a powerful duo of American root blues meets soulful country Texas Smoke. Together these two are steeped in the American musical roots of gospel, jazz, and blues.

Terrell T – Rex Simon with the R&G band and The Black Diamond Dancers – Sat, Sept 12, 6 PM – 8 PM, Monument Square

Enjoy the soulful R&B sounds of Terrell T-Rex Simon, along with his band R&G. Joining them are the local group the Black Diamond Dancers, made up of children ages 7-17 from North Central Troy.

Deconstructing Toto

What Makes The Song “Rosanna” By Toto So Good?!?

Rick Beato takes apart the whole song, piece by piece, and explains just why it is such a classic hit. From the singing, to the swell in the horns, to the synth, piano, and guitar solos – they come together to create magic.He also mentions the pentatonic scale towards the end of the video – shout out to our Bobby McFerrin video above!

Finding Creative Outlets

From the New York Times “The Designing Doesn’t Stop, Even When Stage Shows Do” What are all the theatre costume and set designers doing during this pandemic? Their creativity doesn’t stop just because theatre is on pause. Check out the various creative outlets they have chosen.

Table Manners Are Important

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