LIVE: Club D’Elf with John Medeski @ the Falcon 8/28/2020

A beautiful late summer evening with al fresco dining with good friends featuring light Hudson Valley fare by a waterfall. What would make that perfect would be the varying pulses of trance music.The wish was granted by a long set of instrumental music by Club D’Elf , which for the evening consisted of a quintet of groove focused musicians that kept the creative juices flowing and made time simultaneously slow down and pulse in a trancelike state.

The evening started with a round of drinks including a Pinot Noir and a round of local beer along with delicious nacho appetizers. Main courses were ordered. Home made meatball parmigiana subs, impossible burgers, and a basket of fries were the choices.

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Although, there was no Moroccan food ordered or on the menu, Club D’Elf stimulated the aural taste buds with the influence of Moroccan music.

Mike Rivard- the leader of the band kept time alternating between a conventional 4 string bass guitar and  a 3 stringed Moroccan instrument known as a sintir.

John Medeski added atmosphere with and color with his swirling creations on a Hammond B3.

Ben Tyree who was making his debut with Club D’Elf added psychedelic phrases and runs reminiscent of a bygone era.

Dean Johnston kept the beat with unusual color and a sense of timing that was floating as well as pulsating.

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Mr. Rourke was the turntablist .  Samples of various funk based styles were provided along with chanting and recitations of poetry.

All the food was tasted at leisure, the music made one recall many styles and phrases of the past. Among them Jimi Hendrix from the Electric Ladyland era, the Grateful Dead, Frank Zappa and Ray Manzarek were all in my stream of consciousness as the grooves changed and pulsed. I continued  masticating and digesting my food grokking the experience in its fullness.

Those of us with a sweet tooth still had room from dessert, fried dough with whipped cream and ice cream . Others passed on the dessert, content to digest their meals with the aural fullness that the music provided.

All in all, a fine meal with friends accompanied by trance music made for an enchanted evening. I am sure I will do this again.

Photo Gallery by Rudy Lu

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