Art Out Loud at UAlbany Art Museum

The University at Albany’s Art Museum has created an online exhibition for series featuring work on race, community, and social upheaval. This series from artists represent and examine themes of resistance occurring today.

The Art Museum is currently only opened to students and staff members, but you can check out the exhibitions from the comfort of your own room by clicking HERE.

To provide a sneak preview, here are some of the awesome pieces the artists created.

Dave McKenzie based his inspiration from contemporary sources to reinterpret images during the 2016 Presidential Election. Some questions to think about when dissecting his works are: What is the role of the individual to the social body?, Are images still powerful?, How does one react to a moment with no clear cut answers?

For more on McKenzie’s thought process during installation, what he would like to evoke from the audience, and his artist statement, feel free to click HERE.

Next up, we have Shane Aslan Selzer’s expression on manipulated black and white images formed by her own experiences. The founder of The Social Action Archive Committee, her practice develops micro communities where artists can expand on larger social issues. Below is one of her altered works.

Last, but a personal favorite, the University Art Museum is showcasing paintings by Lamar Paterson. His mixed media collages showcase representations of blackness undercut by mania and violence. He has sourced his imagery from popular culture, fairytales, and comic books.

Taking on new meaning and resonance today, the series includes three artist exhibitions that distinctly define our present and are now part of a larger historical context. Be sure to check these exhibits out, before they’re gone!

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