LIVE (Retro): Blue Oyster Cult @ Palace Theatre, 9/23/1982

38 years ago tonight, September 23, 1982: Blue Öyster Cult at the Palace Theater in Albany, with early 80s one-hit-wonder Aldo Nova supporting.

Opening act Aldo Nova was then riding high on a big MTV hit, “Fantasy”, and played his set in a could-only-happen-in-the-80s spandex catsuit.  Whether this approach worked its magic on a crowd of grizzled bikers and hardcore adherents of the Cult of Blue Oysters was a matter of opinion, but “Fantasy” did get a big cheer at the end of the set, as hit singles do.

This was near the end of BÖC’s ’74-84 “golden era” where they played arenas or big theaters. After this their area shows were always in big clubs like JB’s Theater, Saratoga Winners, The Chance in Poughkeepsie or Northern Lights (or more frequently of late, municipal gigs like Alive At 5 or the Empire State Plaza). Their then-recent studio album, ‘Fire of Unknown Origin’, contained their last big hit, “Burnin’ For You”, and this tour was in support of their ’82 live album ‘Extraterrestrial Live’.

The hall was packed and the show was excellent. Vintage dose of heaviness “Dominance & Submission” started proceedings and the Öysters mixed it up with old songs, more recent ‘Unknown Origin’ numbers, a few covers, and the hits.  The band brought out some roadies dressed as hooded monks to play kettle drums for “Veteran of the Psychic Wars” and Eric Bloom rode a motorcycle out in Rob Halford fashion before “Born To Be Wild”, a schtick soon to be surrendered to Judas Priest and dropped from the BÖC act altogether – although BÖC did it before Priest.  A fine night of heavy rock, and the set-list was:

01 Dominance & Submission
02 Dr Music
03 ETI
04 This Ain’t The Summer of Love
05 Hot Rails To Hell
06 Joan Crawford
07 Cities On Flame
08 Veteran of Psychic Wars
09 (Don’t Fear) The Reaper
10 Godzilla
11 Born To Be Wild
12 Burnin’ For You
13 Roadhouse Blues.

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  1. ToastWRPI says

    Thank you for this.
    B.O.C. has a new album coming out Oct 9th, and the songs they have already released are quite good.

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