The Beat from Troy Music Hall #33, Wishing and Hoping

“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.”― Arthur O’Shaughnessy

We have hit mid-September. Normally this is when we would start our new season and would have already announced a full line-up of phenomenal artists and musicians. We miss it, and we miss seeing you.

To help ease our collective pain, this week’s Beat features recording of live performances. Some, like Susan Vega, have played the Hall often. Others, like Hall and Oates, are on our wish list. Who would you like to see at the Hall? Send us a name and we’ll find a good video of them to preview in new feature called “Someday Soon.”#maskitup #NYStrong

Let’s Take A Trip In The Way Back Machine – Destination 1985

No, they have never played the Music Hall, but they are on our Associate Director Stacey’s “get” list.

Hall and Oates in the summer of 1985! About 13 minutes in, John Hall plays the oddest intro to “Rich Girl” and you may notice a very young SNL band leader GE Smith on stage too. This is Hall and Oates in their prime, enjoy this throw back to the 80’s!

Do Not Throw Away Your Shot – VOTE!

We know the people who read these newsletters are well informed voters. But! Things are radically different this year. The Hamilton cast, lead by the incredibly talented LinManuel Miranda, encourages you to register but also to vote by mail if you don’t feel safe going out to the polls.

Dive In!

These may be fighting words, but we think this cover of “Rich Girl” by Lake Street Dive is so much better than the version Hall and Oates perform in the video above. Did you see Lake Street Dive when they performed at the Hall a few seasons ago? We are looking forward to having them back!

Wouldn’t You Love To See Simply Red At The Hall?

Simply Red, Simply Fabulous
Ah, the 80’s. You may remember this band from their giant hit “Holding Back The Years” or their remake of the classic “If You Don’t Know Me By Now.” They started touring again in 2015 and were lucky enough to get a gig in Cuba. Mick Huknall’s voice really has held up, he sounds good!

Julia and Jacques

It can’t all be about the music, you have to eat! Here, two legends, Julia Child and Jacques Pépin, prepare a simple french onion soup from home. Notice the edit though – the onions go from white to caramelized, and they don’t mention how long that took. Why is that? Because it takes a long time! Slate recently asked the question “Why do recipe writers lie and lie and lie about how long it takes to caramelize onions?” in an article called Layers of DeceitCheck it out here.

The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall Presents

Live From London – Richard Thompson Live Stream Concert Series
Tickets and Info
Sunday, September 27, 6 PM – Fairport Convention Era Music
Sunday, October 11, 6 PM –All Requests!

An Evening of New York Songs and Stories with Suzanne Vega
Wednesday, October 7, 9 PMTickets and Info
A livestream event from New York’s iconic Blue Note Jazz Club.

You’ve Been Making Tea Wrong Your Entire Life

Did you know drinking from a red mug makes you perceive the drink as being sweeter than if you drank it from a white mug? Science is fascinating! Cherry Healey gets some scientific tips on making the best possible cup of tea with a tea bag.

Suzanne Vega Tiny Desk Concert

Suzanne Vega is a Music Hall favorite, we’ve hosted her several times over the past few seasons. (Please note, we are hosting her again digitally, see the info above this video.) She’s best known for two songs from the late 1980s, the huge hit called “Luka” and a song that launched literally dozens of dance remixes, “Tom’s Diner.”

This Tiny Desk Concert is performed with her brilliant guitarist and producer, Gerry Leonard.

Music Soothes The Wild Beast

Thank you to everyone who sent me videos after last week’s plea! I’ve got a few weeks worth lined up now and really appreciate it. This sweet video was sent in by a few people, enjoy and relax while listening/watching.

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