Top Tips for Live Music (for the week beginning September 28th)

The big news this week is Upstate Concert Hall’s plans to move to downtown Albany.  Reaction seems to be split between “This is great, it further builds on the burgeoning scene downtown” and “The best thing about UCH was that it wasn’t downtown and I didn’t have to worry about parking”.  Count me squarely in the former camp.

Meanwhile, Caffe Lena announced their Live Stream schedule for much of October.  Can we all just take a moment to appreciate what a tremendous gift to our community this is during the pandemic?  You can watch a live show from the comfort of your living room most nights, and all they ask in return is a virtual tip jar.  Caffe Lena remains an absolute national treasure.

Lula Wiles
Lula Wiles

Best bet:  I missed Boston’s Lula Wiles the last time they played Caffe Lena.  I will not miss their live stream this Saturday.  Beautiful folk harmonies with a modern edge, built upon terrific songwriting.  Check out my personal favorite Love Gone Wrong, from last year’s album What Will We Do

Live this week:

Monday, September 28

Friday, October 2

Saturday, October 3

Sunday, October 4

Just announced:

Caffe Lena Live Stream {online} 

  • {October 5} Rick’s Picks Local Showcase: Juniper & John Terleckey (7:00)
  • {October 9) Guy Davis (8:00)
  • {October 10) Rick DellaRatta (8:00)
  • {October 12} Rick’s Picks Local Showcase: Greene Brothers & Heather Meaney (7:00)
  • {October 13) Chuck Lamb Trio (7:00)
  • {October 16) Jeanne O’Connor Trio (8:00)
  • {October 19} Rick’s Picks Local Showcase: Rich Ortiz & Steve Candlen (7:00)
  • {October 21) The Pandemic Porch Pickers (7:00)
  • {October 23) Driftwood (8:00)
  • {October 26} Rick’s Picks Local Showcase: Deena Chappell & Pete Pashoukos (7:00)
  • {October 28) Saratoga Acoustic Blues Society (7:00)

Troy Music Hall presents:

  • {October 7} Suzanne Vega (9:00) {online from the Blue Note Jazz Club in New York City}
  • {October 11} Richard Thompson (6:00) {online from London}

Jericho Drive-In 

  • {October 9} Classic Rock Legends of the Vietnam War (7:00)

The Linda Open for Take-Out {online}: E.R.I.E. (was 9/21) postponed to October 7.

The Egg: Robin Trower (was 10/3) postponed to September 22, 2021.  The Fab Faux (was 4/24) canceled.

Upstate Concert Hall:  Nile (was 11/7) postponed to November 9, 2021.

Did you miss last week’s concert announcements? Find them here.

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