LIVE: Bruce Molsky (solo) @ Caffe Lena, 09/26/2020

Bruce Molsky is not only a multi-instrumentalist of the highest caliber, but he is a musician’s musician. He’s been an educator and performer for decades. He appeared just before Covid-19 with his band Molsky’s Mountain Drifters but this time out he’s solo. 

He’s been Grammy Nominated, worked with a ‘who’s who’ of leading national performers including Mark Knopflers. Irish Legends- Andry Irvine & Donal Lunny, Jerry Douglas among many others. 
That night in Caffe Lena, Molsky transcended decades as he presented some of the finest music weaving his voice with the fiddle, Banjo and guitar you’ll ever hear! To Check out the caffe Lena Concert tune in here: 

Photo Gallery by Andrzej Pilarcyzk

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